Salad • Soup • Sides

Our original soup recipes—from classic to world gourmet—are available in small, medium or large bowls. Salads can be customized with extras like seasoned organic tofu or premium (nitrite-free) turkey breast. Add a delicious skewer to any meal or enjoy as a revitalizing snack.

Fresh Green Salad

Organic field greens, tomato, carrots, red cabbage, red onion, choice of dressing.
  • One Size 46 Cal.

Ginger Miso Salad

A filling salad topped with gluten-free Crispy Noodles, slivered almonds, & Sweet Ginger Miso dressing.
  • One Size 468 Cal.


Enjoy a variety of premium add-ons to build the perfect meal.
  • Calories Vary by item

Dressings & Salsas

Take our original sauces, dressings, and salsas home with you! Available in the cold case.
  • Calories In description.

Tofu Skewer

Seasoned organic tofu skewer baked with a sweet tangy barbecue sauce.
  • One Skewer 329 Cal.

Tempeh Skewer

Marinated organic tempeh skewer baked with a teriyaki sauce.
  • One Skewer 393 Cal.

Teriyaki Chicken

All Natural chicken (ABF-certified) glazed with teriyaki sauce.
  • Single Side 203 Cal.

House Soups

Daily selection of soups from classic to world gourmet. Served with French bread.
  • Small 120 - 220 Cal.
  • Medium 180 - 330 Cal.
  • Large 240 - 440 Cal.