Frequently Asked Questions

Franchising and Business Info

Will you open a Café Yumm in my town?
We’d love to! We are bringing Cafe Yumm! to new communities across the country. Until we become neighbors, you can order Yumm! Sauce from the Cafe Yumm! Online Store, ask your local grocery store to carry it, or visit our restaurant in the Portland Airport next time you travel through the Northwest.

Can I own a Café Yumm! restaurant?
Yes, it is possible! Franchising opportunities are available in several states. Visit us at Cafe Yumm! Franchise to learn more.

How can I apply for a job at Café Yumm!?
Current employment opportunities at Café Yumm! can be found online here:
Cafe Yumm! Employment

Where can I find restaurant locations near me?
View Cafe Yumm! Locations for a list of restaurants and our helpful interactive map.


Ingredients and Nutrition

I have a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free diet. What can I eat?
We can make substitutions or modify any order to ensure that your meal is not only Beautiful, Delicious, Nourishing™, but also fits your dietary requirements. Visit our Dietary Menus for more details.

I have food allergies. Where can I find allergen information?
The health and safety of our guests at Café Yumm! is a top priority, which is why we take special precautions for our customers with food allergies and sensitivities. Visit our Allergen Menus for suggestions about various food intolerances.

Where can I find nutritional information?
We offer nutrition facts and calculators online to help you plan the perfect meal. Learn more about nutritional information at Café Yumm! by visiting Nutrition Facts and Calculators.

Why is only 50% of the food at Café Yumm! certified organic?
Sourcing sustainable, high-quality, organic, and local ingredients is our top priority. Our supply team takes these factors into consideration when selecting ingredients for our restaurants:

• Reducing carbon footprint
• Supporting regional farmers
• Partnering with local food producers
• Commitment to environmental ethics
• Procuring products of excellent quality
• Affordability for our guests

With demand for organics on the rise and a shortage of domestic organic farms, buying organic isn’t always possible. However, we are committed to serving the most sustainable, health-supportive ingredients when organic isn’t available.

Does Café Yumm! serve meat?
We believe that eating low on the food chain is important for living a more sustainable life. Café Yumm! offers all-natural chicken and turkey, and plant-based proteins like certified organic tofu and tempeh.

Why do you use canola oil?
It’s important to us that we use a heart-healthy, sustainable oil. To meet this goal, we source locally grown, non-GMO, expeller-pressed canola oil that is never processed with solvents. This is a high-quality vegetable oil containing healthy unsaturated fat with omega-3 fatty acids and is suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

A concern about canola oil is that it is genetically modified, and it is true that most canola is genetically modified (GM) to be pesticide resistant. Herbicide-resistant GM canola (also called Roundup Ready Canola) was introduced in 1995, but not all canola oil is made from GM canola plants. The canola oil we use is verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project which requires documentation and testing of the canola seeds to verify their non-GMO integrity. (The Non-GMO Project is an independent third-party product verification program and uniform seal for labeling non-GMO products.)

We have thoroughly researched canola oil and feel comfortable with the quality and wholesomeness of the canola oil we use in our products.


Ordering Options

Can I place my order online?
Online order ahead service is available at select locations. Please visit our list of Cafe Yumm! Locations to contact the nearest restaurant for details.

Does Café Yumm! deliver?
Third-party delivery service is available at select locations. Please visit our list of Cafe Yumm! Locations to contact the nearest restaurant for details.

Does Café Yumm! offer catering?
We do! Whether it’s for a meeting of 10 or a party of 100, we’d love to serve a variety of nourishing, crowd-pleasing choices at your next gathering. We're happy to help with special diet requests too.

All Café Yumm! restaurants offer pick-up catering. Some also offer delivery or on-site hosting for an additional charge.

Visit us online at Cafe Yumm! Catering Locations, and call your closest restaurant to discuss your catering needs.

Where can I buy Yumm! Sauce?
Yumm! Sauce is available for purchase at all Café Yumm! restaurants, by mail order through the Cafe Yumm! Online Store, and in these grocery stores throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.

Do you sell gift cards?
You can buy or reload a gift card with any dollar amount you specify at all Café Yumm! locations (visit Cafe Yumm! Locations to find the closest restaurant).

We also sell gift cards available with either a $25 or $50 value through our Cafe Yumm! Online Store, and the shipping for cards is currently free. Shipping costs if you order Yumm! Sauce would apply.

Eating a full Yumm! Bowl® in my car is messy. Do you have any take-out ordering solutions for this?
We hope you are parked and not eating while driving. Safety first, friends! We have two possible solutions…

1. Ask our cashier for the next size up container, and we’ll put a small bowl in a medium container or a medium bowl in a large container. We are happy to do that upon request at no charge.

2. While we do not have a next size up container for the large Yumm! Bowl, we think a Yumm! Wrappit® is just as satisfying. That menu item is also a thing of beauty for eating while parked. Simply order any medium size Yumm! Bowl as a Yumm! Wrappit and we’ll “wrappit” in a big, warm tortilla (white or whole wheat) for easy hand-held dining.


Removed or Updated Menu Items

Why is the Secret Asian Man™ Salad no longer on the menu?
We now offer the Ginger Miso Salad which features the same fresh salad base ingredients but allows more options for customization. You can order this salad “as is” or top it with an add-on like all-natural chicken, all-natural turkey, organic tofu, organic tempeh, or avocado. This new salad is the perfect choice for guests who are measuring calorie intake or have special dietary preferences.

Why did you remove the Salmon Burger from your menu?
Unfortunately, the Salmon Burger did not offer a signature Yumm! experience, and we decided to discontinue it due to a lack of guest enthusiasm. The decision to remove this item from our menu helps reduce waste and streamline our sandwich offerings to better serve you.

Why is the Grilled Cheese off the menu?
In an effort to reduce waste and better serve our guests, we decided to streamline our sandwich offerings. We had to stock a variety of bread choices for a couple of low-selling sandwiches, and some loaves would expire before we sold through them. Swirled Rye is currently the only bread selection we offer, and we’re happy to make a grilled cheese for you if requested. We also offer the Cheese Quesadilla as a tasty alternative. Our white and whole wheat tortillas for the Cheese Quesadilla, Yumm! Wrap®, and Yumm! Wrappit® offer variety while also being a key ingredient for several popular menu items.

Why don’t you offer the Deli Lama™ sandwich anymore?
We decided to streamline our sandwich offerings in an effort to reduce waste. We had to stock a variety of bread choices, and some loaves would expire before we sold through them. While the Deli Lama was beloved by a few, the sandwich was not a signature Yumm! item. We hope you’ll enjoy our Tempeh Reuben (which can be made vegan upon request), our fresh salads with tasty add-on choices, or one of our famous Yumm! Bowls.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: By streamlining our menu and removing infrequently used ingredients, we can better serve our core menu choices and offer new limited time options in the future.


Community Involvement and Donations

Who do I contact about donations and sponsorships?
Each year, Café Yumm! donates time and money to non-profit organizations that share our vision of expanding access to nourishing whole foods, encouraging active and healthy lifestyles, and promoting environmental responsibility. You can learn more by visiting Cafe Yumm! Giving.

For donation requests and event sponsorships, please send details to

What does it mean that Café Yumm! is a Benefit Company?
Through our mission To nourish humanity and the world, Café Yumm! registered as one of Oregon’s first Benefit Companies in 2014 and was acknowledged by Governor Kate Brown for our efforts.

Café Yumm! has identified the Triple Bottom Line business management model as its public purpose. Rather than maximizing profits, we strive to balance environmental, social, and economic considerations in all we do.

Each year, Benefit Companies must prepare and provide a report that outlines the projects, partnerships, and initiatives that were implemented in the previous year to benefit the public. In this way, Benefit Companies are unique, transparent, and accountable. You can read the Cafe Yumm! Benefit Reports online. Café Yumm! is proud to be a member of this influential group of companies who promote a new paradigm of corporate responsibility.


Our Famous Sauces

What are the ingredients in Yumm! Sauce?
Yumm! Sauce is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, egg-free, corn-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and cholesterol-free.

Ingredients: expeller-pressed non-GMO canola oil, filtered water, almonds, lemon juice, non-GMO lecithin, nutritional yeast, garbanzo beans, non-GMO soybeans, herbs, ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

What is Yumm! Sauce?
It’s a uniquely Northwest condiment used as a creamy dip, spread, dressing, topping, or sauce on a variety of dishes. With an umami flavor described as tangy and savory, Yumm! Sauce is made with a base of healthful ingredients like almonds, garbanzo beans, garlic, and lemon juice.

How can I use Yumm! Sauce?
Make your own tasty rice bowls at home with a dollop of Yumm! Sauce, use it as a dip for veggies, spread it on sandwiches, drizzle it on salads, or use it as a grilling glaze. Visit the Café Yumm! Blog for tasty Yumm! Sauce recipes.

What flavors are available?
Yumm! Sauce is available in three flavors: Original, Chipotle, and Roasted Garlic.

Who makes Yumm! Sauce?
Café Yumm! is the creator and producer of all three flavors. Yumm! Sauce is made in our home state of Oregon.

Where can I buy Yumm! Sauce?
Yumm! Sauce is available for purchase at Café Yumm! restaurants, by mail order in the Cafe Yumm! Online Store, and in these grocery stores throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.

Does Yumm! Sauce need to be refrigerated?
Yes. Yumm! Sauce is a natural product made without preservatives, so refrigeration is required.

How long after opening Yumm! Sauce is it safe to eat if always kept refrigerated?
We list an "Enjoy By" date on every jar and bottle. The date is there because we believe in and promote safety first. The date may be somewhat conservative, but this guideline is necessary because storage success varies.

For example, 1) not everyone practices immediate refrigeration, 2) not all refrigerators are correctly set between 35 and 40°F, and 3) not everyone will carefully reseal their opened food items.

Therefore (and for best results), we encourage you to finish your Yumm! Sauce before the "Enjoy By" date. After the "Enjoy By" date, we encourage you to dispose of the contents and recycle or reuse the jar. While some fans may make the personal judgment call to go past the expiration, we hope they will carefully examine the expired product for quality and consistency.

Can I recycle the plastic liter Yumm! Sauce bottles or have them refilled at a restaurant?
While recycling rules have changed for many plastic containers, you can continue to place your empty and clean plastic Yumm! Sauce bottles in commingle recycling throughout Eugene and other parts of Oregon. These clear bottles are a type of plastic that remains desirable to waste haulers. Due to food safety concerns and health regulations, restaurants may not refill used food containers (unlike beverages at coffee shops). As part of our commitment to the environment, we continue to explore waste reduction practices.

I have more questions about ordering, shipping, and using Yumm! Sauce.
Find more information about Yumm! Sauce by visiting the Common Questions page in our Cafe Yumm! Online Store.

Can I buy your Jalapeño Sesame Salsa?
Yes! Our unique salsa that adds a kick to the Hot 'n' Jazzy® bowl can be purchased by the jar at all Café Yumm! restaurant locations.