About Us

Café Yumm!® is the state of pure deliciousness contained in simple, nourishing, beautiful food.

Founders Mark and Mary Ann Beauchamp created a casual atmosphere where warm colors, live plants, and natural materials welcome peaceful moments of nourishment to blossom. From the ancient food tradition of combining rice and beans, they developed a menu that balances elemental ingredients with a light-hearted sense of fun. We invite you to find a smile in every wholesome bowl we serve.

It all begins with a seed. The most fundamental form of life, the seed is a symbol of basic nourishment. Café Yumm! starts with these elemental ingredients.

The flame transforms the seed into satisfying sustenance. Café Yumm! applies energy and passion to create vital new flavors that fuel the soul.

The bowl represents a seed’s transformation by flame into abundance. It feeds the body, mind, and soul. Café Yumm! is a gathering place where flavors of many cultures meet 'round a bowl.

Enjoyment brings us full circle. The cyclical nature of life depends on the interrelationship of seed, flame, and bowl. Close your eyes, open your senses, and savor the moment.

Visit one of our restaurants to experience the fresh vitality and natural simplicity of Café Yumm!.

Our History

You can read our company story and timeline here.

Café Yumm! is Oregon's first Benefit Company (tied with 28 others).

We publish our Benefit Reports (available below) each year. Oregon's Secretary of State posts a complete list of Oregon-based Benefit Companies at this website.

Cafe Yumm! Benefit Company Report

Non magnum nisi bonum.
No greatness without goodness.