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Crew Members


SW 3rd & Morrison - Restaurant Manager

PDX Airport - Crew Member - All Shifts

SW 3rd & Morrison - Crew Member


Argyle - Crew Member


Happy Valley - Assistant Manager

Happy Valley - Crew Member

Vancouver, WA

Cascade Park Plaza - Restaurant Lead

Cascade Park Plaza - Crew Member

Are you looking for a career in the exciting professional food service industry? Do you want to learn transferable skills like guest service, team work, emotional control, cash handling procedures, organizational skills, and more? Maybe you can be an enthusiastic, positive oriented, and passionate new Team Member at Café Yumm!®.

Each Café Yumm! is independently owned and operated by members of the community. Review the Mission Statement and Core Values to see if you align with them.

Café Yumm! is a unique place serving Beautiful, Delicious, Nourishing™ food. Coupled with a comfortable environment and your winning smile and positive attitude, you might be a perfect match to share life energy with colleagues at Café Yumm!.

Each Café Yumm! offers competitive wages and many offer health benefits, bonuses, paid sick and vacation days, retirement benefits, and supportive training programs.

Importantly, Café Yumm! offers growth opportunities. In fact, past entry level Crew Members have risen to become restaurant managers, lead trainers, a Human Resources Administrator, and even an owner of their very own Café Yumm! restaurant.

Join us and see how far you can rise!