New! Packaged Beans & Rice


The organic beans and rice you love from Café Yumm! can now be purchased in participating restaurants and online!

Beans and rice are the heart and soul of our famous Yumm! Bowls®. Answering our commitment to environmental, social, and economic considerations, Café Yumm! partners with organic family farms in our region, as well as select partners in Thailand, to bring you these delightfully nourishing staples.



What makes our beans and rice so special?

We contract farms on the West Coast to grow our black beans, red beans, and brown rice using organic growing methods. These Earth-supportive techniques, like employing ladybugs instead of industrial pesticides and observing fallow periods to build soil fertility, are farming practices that promote healthy soil, clean water, and biodiversity. They also produce a simply wonderful crop! We are thrilled to offer these USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

If you are a fan of fragrant white jasmine rice, look no further! We have searched the globe to bring you our favorite Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice. Thanks to our longstanding relationship with this supplier, you can enjoy this high-quality whole grain rice from Thailand in your own kitchen.



Healthy, Versatile, and Affordable

Eating low on the food chain is an important step in living more sustainably, and Café Yumm! focuses on ingredients that make eating simple, whole foods more accessible.

Incorporating beans and rice into your diet provides a tasty plant-based source of protein and fiber. These heart healthy ingredients can be used to make a variety of dishes, like chili, stir fries, enchiladas, veggie burgers, casseroles, homemade Yumm! Bowls, and so much more. (Find some of our favorite recipes on the blog.)

Plus, a little goes a long way in keeping you satisfied and nourished, making beans and rice an economical everyday staple in your kitchen.

Looking for a unique gift? Pair our packaged beans and rice with a bottle of Yumm! Sauce® for smiles all around.

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