Introducing Our New Menu!

We are delighted to introduce our reimagined menu!

Our new step-by-step process is designed to help you personalize any dish. Start by choosing a Yumm! Bowl®, Yumm Wrappit®, or Yumm! ‘n’ Greens® style, then pick a flavor, add a protein, and elevate the experience by “making it yours” with substitutions and add-ons. We hope you enjoy this fresh, easy-to-navigate menu to build your favorite order when you visit our restaurants.

We will continue to serve other classic dishes, like our Yumm! Bentos®, salads, soup, skewers, quesadillas, cookies, and more.

Of course, Yumm! Bowls are always the heart of what we do at Café Yumm! restaurants. Choose a small, medium, or large bowl to fit your appetite in one of six unique flavors like the Original or the Hot ‘n’ Jazzy®. We’ll prepare it fresh and customize it any way you like.

(Calling all vegans!  Do you know our secret menu hack? Just ask for “VEGAN SUB AVO!” for extra avocado, hold the cheese and sour cream or “VEGAN SUB CC!” to substitute cabbage and carrots for cheese and sour cream. We’re always happy to accommodate other dietary considerations too.)

New and Improved Menu Offerings

Thanks to the popularity of our latest limited-time-offer, the Spicy Teriyaki Yumm! Bowl has earned a permanent place on our menu.

We are also thrilled to offer our new Deluxe Soup option, which allows you to order any of our house-recipe soups topped with shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, avocado slices, sour cream, black olives, and cilantro. Plus, all of our soups now come with a side of organic tortilla chips for scooping, crumbling, or snacking.

Another exciting change is that the Southwest Salad now comes with fire-roasted corn and ranch dressing. You gotta try this satisfying salad creation with all-natural chicken or organic tofu.

Be on the lookout for tasty new grab & go beverage options in the cold case too! We now offer an organic strawberry lemonade, vanilla cold brew coffee, black cold brew coffee, and other refreshing drinks to complement your meal.

Our Commitment to Reducing Food Waste

You may notice that we’ve simplified our offerings and some items have been discontinued.

As part of our triple bottom line commitment to balance the environmental, social, and economic concerns of operating our restaurants, we thoughtfully analyzed our supply and restaurant operations for potential improvements. Reducing food waste is a top priority in our mission to nourish humanity and the world, so we made the tough decision to remove low-selling or less-used ingredients that can often end up in the compost or garbage.

While many of us will miss the removed items, like Chilean Zucchini Stew and organic tempeh, making these changes will help Cafe Yumm! progress our environmental practices while keeping menu prices as affordable as possible for guests.

We know change can be hard, so we appreciate your kind understanding during this menu transition. If your go-to menu item has been discontinued, we can help you find a new favorite! Please ask your cashier for recommendations.

To see the full menu now offered at your nearest Cafe Yumm!, visit Cafe Yumm!® Locations and click the menu links for lunch/dinner, Yumm! Kids™, or catering on that restaurant’s page.

Have questions about our menu revision? Our Team Members are always happy to help if you have questions. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for details.