At Café Yumm! we’re committed to preservation and stewardship of our environment. It’s a pivotal part of our “Triple Bottom Line” which balances social, environmental and economic concerns.

Whether a company-owned store or one of our franchise locations, you’ll find a true commitment to sustainability. It’s not a policy – it’s a philosophy.

Recycling is an easy decision– it’s the simplest way to go green in our restaurants and in our homes. Even our takeout utensils are biodegradable.

Each location purchases groceries locally and works to provide organic ingredients whenever possible. We’ve increased our focus in this area and are locating more organic growers and suppliers every day.

The materials used to build out our stores also reflect our philosophy. Pressed wheatboard cabinetry, plywood from sustainably managed forests, remilled and reused solid woods and tabletops of biocomposites, such as crushed sunflower seeds and recycled paper, that are nearly double the durability of oak.

We use no neon in our exterior signage, opting for the more expensive, but more environmentally friendly, LED and fluorescent lighting.

As an EWEB Greenpower Business Partner, we participate in the Eugene Water and Electric Board’s wind power initiative, subscribing to more than 100,000-kilowatt hours of wind power annually.

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