Earth Day Fundraiser: Wild Salmon Center

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Visit any Café Yumm! restaurant in Oregon on April 22, and we will donate 25% of Yumm! Sauce sales to Wild Salmon Center in celebration of Earth Day.*

On April 22nd, the world celebrates our lifegiving planet’s diverse resources and the people working to protect them. Café Yumm! is honored to once again join Earth Day Oregon in their mission to amplify the impact of this yearly observance through a statewide coalition of collective giving and action.

Yumm! Sauce in three flavors with fresh dipping vegetables.

What is Earth Day Oregon?

Each year, Earth Day Oregon connects local businesses (like Café Yumm! restaurants) with regional nonprofit organizations to drive awareness about sustainability initiatives and generate donations. These environmental nonprofit partners are on a mission to help us achieve the United Nations’ 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals, right here in the Northwest. These goals address issues from climate justice to clean energy, clean water, quality education, good health, ending poverty, and more.

As part of the Café Yumm! triple bottom line philosophy to balance environmental, social, and economic considerations of operating our restaurants, we are committed to supporting conservation efforts that increase access to clean drinking water, clean air, and clean soil.

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Let’s support Wild Salmon Center!

This year, Café Yumm! is partnering with Wild Salmon Center, the leading environmental group working to protect wild salmon rivers across the Pacific Northwest. The most iconic rivers of our region depend on the nutrients wild salmon carry inland from the ocean. Protecting salmon allows us to protect the crucial watersheds that provide clean drinking water, recreation opportunities, local agriculture, and sustainable fisheries.

Photo Credit: Jono Melamed

Why is protecting wild salmon and riparian ecosystems important?

🐟 Wild-born fish are the best equipped to survive in the face of industrial development, human population increases, and climate change.

🐟 Besides people, at least 137 different animal species depend on the nourishment wild salmon provide, including bears and orcas.

🐟 Intact salmon watersheds are composed of free-flowing rivers and dense forests, which provide clean drinking water and absorb carbon to slow climate change.

🐟 Indigenous communities in the Pacific Northwest and beyond have revered salmon as the life-sustaining centerpiece of their culture, dating back millennia.

🐟 Pacific salmon support tens of thousands of jobs and local economies and communities around the Pacific Rim.

“Wild salmon are the key to protecting a way of life rooted in the North Pacific environment: protect salmon and you protect forests, food, water, communities, and economies. But our work over the last two decades has shown that only an aggressive, proactive approach on the strongest remaining salmon rivers – salmon strongholds – can halt the decline of these iconic species and all the benefits we derive from them.” – Wild Salmon Center

If you would like to get involved, visit Wild Salmon Center online to sign up for their newsletter, and be sure to purchase a bottle or jar of Yumm! Sauce at participating Café Yumm! locations on Earth Day, April 22 this year to support their amazing work in our wild places.

*We will donate 25% of all in-store sales of Yumm! Sauce bottles and jars from Café Yumm! restaurants located in Oregon on Monday, April 22 to Wild Salmon Center as part of Earth Day Oregon.

Photo Credit: Jason Ching