Proudly Woman-Led: Meet President Kim Boone


We are pleased to announce that longtime team member Kimberly Boone has been promoted to President, formerly Vice President & COO of Café Yumm!®. This strategic promotion is important to the future development Café Yumm! restaurants, entering our 26th year of business.

Prior to joining the company in 2006, Kim had experience working in retail, food service, and banking. She received a bachelor’s degree in accounting and economics from the University of Oregon before earning an MBA with a management focus from Willamette University, graduating with honors.

“I have always been passionate about organizational development and creating systems for success.” 


With this announcement, Co-Founder Mark Beauchamp is moving into the new role of CEO to focus on the company’s concept and mission.

“When we created Café Yumm! in 1997, Mary Ann and I had an unusual philosophy, a menu that was ahead of its time, and a business plan that was driven by the desire to care for people and planet. For brief periods, our restaurant struggled thanks to our unique thinking. And many times, we failed forward. Somehow, we succeeded.

“Since 2006, I think much of our success can be attributed to Kim Boone, who was our first strategic hire. While she was brought in to manage accounting, Kim became key to building the operational details and organization of our growing company. I do not enjoy the details and practical business work, but Kim has always thrived in that realm.

“Mary Ann enjoyed seeing our quirky restaurant concept grow into a phenomenal Northwest brand. With this much-deserved promotion, Kim can take us to the next level. As CEO and the chair of our Board of Managers, I can focus more on vision, philosophy, and strategic direction. Kim has the hard work of turning our vision into reality, and I think she’s the very best person for the job,” says Beauchamp.

As Vice President & COO, Kim developed the company’s Finance Department and currently oversees restaurant operations, training, finance, bookkeeping, marketing, research and development, consumer packaged goods, and supply, while also acting as a leader on the Executive Team. Her work has also been integral to the opening of 23 restaurants across three states in just over a decade, as well as growing a popular line of retail products such as the brand’s famous Yumm! Sauce®. Additionally, she has spearheaded the first formal strategic plan at Café Yumm! to bring structure, departmental integration, and coordinated project management solutions to the company as it continues to evolve.

“I have always been passionate about organizational development and creating systems for success. When I began working with Café Yumm! in 2006, I understood what Mark and Mary Ann had in mind for the future of the brand. I also saw opportunities to help their beautiful creation take the next step. I started by focusing my energy on personal development and implementing systems that would help position the organization for growth.

“The recognition and trust that Mark shows with this passing of responsibility is a huge honor, but I am most excited about what I can do for our teams, guests, and company moving forward,” says Kim Boone.

We are happy to announce an additional promotion!

In a related strategic move, Chris Jirges has been promoted to Vice President & General Counsel. In addition to his new duties, Jirges will continue to manage the company’s legal affairs and oversee compliance, human resources, benefits, administration, information systems, franchising, facilities, and construction, while also acting as a leader on the Executive Team and Secretary for the company’s Board of Managers.

Chris Jirges received a Bachelor of Music from Concordia College in Minnesota before earning a law degree from the University of Oregon School of Law. While in law school, Jirges served as a Wayne Morse Fellow and managing editor of the Oregon Law Review. Jirges was honored with an Order of the Coif for graduating in the top 10% of his Oregon Law class. Prior to law school, Jirges worked in restaurant management.