Join Us & Friends of Trees for Earth Day!


Visit any Café Yumm! restaurant in Oregon on April 22, and we will donate 10% of sales to Friends of Trees in celebration of Earth Day.*

On April 22nd, the world celebrates our planet’s diverse beauty, lifegiving resources, and the people working to protect it. Café Yumm! is thrilled to join Earth Day Oregon once again this year in their mission to amplify the holiday’s impact through a statewide coalition of collective giving and action.

What is Earth Day Oregon?

Each year, Earth Day Oregon connects local businesses (like Café Yumm! restaurants) with regional nonprofit organizations to drive awareness of sustainability initiatives and generate donations. These select nonprofit partners are on the frontlines of transformational change that will help us achieve the United Nations’ 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals, right here in the Northwest. A blueprint for action in intersecting areas, these goals address issues from climate justice to clean energy, clean water, quality education, good health, ending poverty, and more.


As part of the Café Yumm! triple bottom line philosophy to balance environmental, social, and economic considerations of operating our restaurants, we are committed to supporting conservation efforts that increase access to clean drinking water, clean air, and clean soil.

This year, Café Yumm! is partnering with Friends of Trees, a leader in improving the urban tree canopy and restoring sensitive natural areas. Through programs that bring thousands of volunteers together to plant trees, this organization plays a vital role in securing our region’s livability in many important ways.

How do trees improve life in the city?

🌲 Trees can lower air temperature in city neighborhoods by 10 lifesaving degrees, reducing electricity demand for air conditioning.

🌲 They have the ability to clean air, water, and earth by absorbing stormwater, air pollutants, and filtering contaminated soil and ground water.

🌲 Root systems help prevent major flooding and erosion.

🌲 A mature tree can sequester 48lbs of carbon a year.

🌲 Studies show that just 5 minutes of a green view reduces stress and anxiety.

Wow! Trees are truly amazing.


If you would like to get involved, visit Friends of Trees online to sign up for a volunteer event, and be sure to eat at Café Yumm! on Earth Day, April 22nd this year to support their amazing work in our communities.

*We will donate 10% of all in-store sales from our Café Yumm! restaurants located in Oregon on Saturday, April 22 to Friends of Trees as part of Earth Day Oregon.