We Are Proud to Partner with BFSC

We are happy to support the important work of the Black Food Sovereignty Coalition (BFSC) to create Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-centered food justice programs across the Pacific Northwest.

Since 1997, the purpose of Café Yumm! has been to “nourish humanity and the world” by making whole, organic, and local food an accessible option. As Oregonians working in the food industry for the last two decades, we are inspired by BFSC’s mission to establish BIPOC-led sustainable food systems that generate long-term economic opportunities for the BIPOC community.

BFSC organizes networks that encourage resource sharing, skill-building, and leadership development among BIPOC farmers, food suppliers, and entrepreneurs. From bringing a variety of locally grown agricultural products to market to offering farm education and sharing intergenerational food traditions, BFSC is connecting people back to their roots.

“The Black Food Sovereignty Coalition (BFSC) serves as a collaboration hub for Black and Brown communities to confront the systemic barriers that make food, place and economic opportunities inaccessible to us. BFSC is focused on meeting these barriers with creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions. Built on a decade of work of founding members of the Black Food Sovereignty Council and other Black-identified leaders and stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest, the BFSC mission is to ignite Black and Brown communities to participate as owners and movement leaders within food systems, placemaking, and economic development.”

BFSC invites volunteers to dig in the dirt and help grow veggies at the Black Futures Farm, a collective for Black and Brown people interested in learning ancestral practices and farming innovation. Another program started by BFSC is called Grandma’s Hands, which brings young people and families together for cooking lessons over Zoom to pass down culturally significant food traditions by local Black grandmas. Participants receive a complete family dinner for the evening featuring a meal kit with produce from local Black farmers.

Café Yumm! has always supported local farming, nutrition programs, and organizations that create better access to nourishing food. Black Food Sovereignty Coalition is removing barriers, fostering community self-reliance, and improving food security in historically underserved populations. We are grateful for the opportunities they bring to our region for healing, growth, and connection.

To learn more about BFSC, visit them online at blackfoodnw.org and support local Black farmers twice monthly at the Come Thru BIPOC Market in Portland.