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Feeling homesick for the Northwest? Looking for a truly unique gift?

Since 2003, we’ve shipped Yumm! Sauce® to over 1,000 US cities across all 50 states, and we receive orders from about 100 new cities each year. There’s nothing like our creamy, tangy, crave-worthy smile in a jar to send someone love from Oregon. Our online store is a quick and easy way to make the wishes of faraway Yumm! fans come true.

Did you know that all three flavors of Yumm! Sauce are also available in jars and liter bottles at Café Yumm! restaurants across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho? You can even find this saucy delight in over 190 grocery stores – some in California too!

Need inspiration? Check out our favorite recipes for more ways to Yumm!.

Order Yumm! Sauce Online