A Mission to Nourish Community

A Mission to Nourish Community


Nourishing food delights the body and soul. Serving guests at Café Yumm! allows us to share the gift of nourishment each day. Because food is our passion, it is important that we also do what we can to help feed our neighbors in need.

As part of our promise To nourish humanity and the world, Café Yumm! has supported FOOD for Lane County since our first restaurant opened in 1997. Their organization is on a mission to eliminate hunger. Distributing nearly 8 million pounds of food per year, FOOD for Lane County (FFLC) offers hot meals, emergency food boxes, fresh produce, meal delivery for seniors, youth programs, and other crucial services that address food insecurity throughout the region.

Over the decades, our restaurants have provided food donations, sponsored a variety of fundraisers, and partnered on annual fundraising campaigns. We are delighted to share that Café Yumm! has been able to donate 307,000 meals through financial contributions, plus 135,000 pounds of organic black beans (a much-needed source of protein for food banks) over the last three years alone to local food banks!

These donations go well beyond Lane County since FFLC partners with the Oregon Food Bank to distribute resources throughout Oregon. In fact, some donations support hunger relief throughout the West Coast in response to natural disasters like the recent fires in California and landslides in Washington.

A Mission to Nourish Community


Thanks to food drives organized by community members and the dedicated volunteers who grow almost 170,000 pounds of fresh produce at the Youth Farm and Grassroots Garden each year, FOOD For Lane County is able to serve three meals for every $1 donated. That means even a small donation can make a huge impact.

Café Yumm! is committed to supporting food banks in our local communities. In recent years, Café Yumm! has opened company-owned restaurants in the Portland metro area. Thanks to your patronage at these new locations, we look forward to growing our support of hunger relief programs by working to add additional sponsorship and donations for the Oregon Food Bank based in Portland.

The Oregon Food Bank provides food, funds, and nutrition education to 260,000 people monthly who face food insecurity. The Oregon Food Bank distributes food and programs through four locations and further supports an independent, statewide network of 17 regional food banks and approximately 1,200 food assistance sites.

We hope you’ll join us in sharing abundance throughout the year!

Visit FOOD for Lane County or the Oregon Food Bank to see how you can help.

A Mission to Nourish Community