Yumm! More

Yumm! Bowls® are an essential part of what we do at Café Yumm!, but here are a few more ways to Yumm! if you're looking for something that doesn't quite fit in a bowl. We can turn your favorite into a wrap or a salad.

Yumm! Wrappit®

A medium Yumm! Bowl® of your choice wrapped in a big, warm tortilla (white or whole wheat) for a handheld meal.
  • One Size 603 - 1036 Cal.

Yumm! Wrap

A large Original Yumm! Bowl® folded into a tortilla (white or whole wheat) that has been grilled to a light crisp with cheddar cheese.
  • One Size 694 - 1234 Cal.

Yumm! 'n' Greens®

The Original Yumm! Bowl® served on a bed of organic field greens and crowned with tortilla chips.
  • Bowl 403 - 658 Cal.


Enjoy a variety of premium add-ons to build the perfect meal.
  • Calories Vary by item