Team Spotlight: Admin Manager

When Marcy first came to our office as a part-time finance clerk in 2013, she didn’t know that the seeds of a career were being planted. During that time, she had enrolled in a field botany program, was a hospice volunteer, and would soon be moving to the wilds of Alaska. While a long-term position wasn’t in the cards then, she had always admired Café Yumm!’s values and immediately found the friendly, supportive office culture deeply inspiring. She wanted to give her all – even as a temp. Working for Café Yumm! was a special experience that she held dear as she left Oregon to adventure north.

In 2015, Marcy returned home from Alaska and was delighted to rejoin the Café Yumm! office team. Her enthusiasm, efficiency, and kindness soon led to a promotion from office assistant to office manager, and most recently to administration manager. “I’m so grateful that my supervisors see my potential and nurture my abilities. They empower me to take on new responsibilities with confidence. I get to grow my skills by supporting the needs of multiple departments throughout the company, which is abundantly rewarding for me.”

Marcy infuses her role at Café Yumm! with heart. She has an innate ability to care for people and the Earth. Beyond the traditional administrative tasks that make our offices run smoothly, Marcy is devoted to cultivating Team Member satisfaction. “Each person’s presence is a gift. An essential component of my work is letting people know that their contributions are valued. Sharing positive feedback creates an echo effect that passes from one person to the next and strengthens our company culture. Sometimes a simple expression of appreciation can make a big difference!”

Office sustainability is another passion project that Marcy leads. She evaluates our procedures to identify new ways the office can reuse, reduce, reclaim, compost, or recycle. She also coordinates community challenges and volunteer opportunities with local non-profit organizations for our staff. Outside of the office, Marcy is a Master Recycler, volunteers with Friends of Trees, and is an avid gardener.

“Sustainability is a core part of our mission at Café Yumm!, and we continue to achieve more environmentally-conscious practices as we analyze our impact and seek innovative solutions. Since the role of service is such an important part of my personal journey, facilitating this kind of change at Café Yumm! brings me joy.”