Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step by visiting this website and learning more about the Café Yumm! franchise opportunity. So, what's next?

Our Franchise Process in a nutshell... or bowl, as it were

  1. Complete and submit our Franchise Interest Form posted below, or call us at (877) FOR-YUMM. This will get the process started and take us to the next step.

  2. Participate in an initial conference call to discuss in detail the next steps (3 through 12 below). This is also the perfect time to begin your due diligence.

  3. Complete the Franchise Application we’ll send you via email, and return it to us via email, FAX or USPS.

  4. We perform a background check.

  5. You receive an FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) and sign acknowledgment of receipt.

  6. We verify your financial qualifications and references.

  7. You participate in a “structured interview.”

  8. You visit us for a Discovery Day (meet Team Members, tour restaurant, ask questions, etc.) at our headquarters in Eugene, Oregon.

  9. You complete an on-line Franchisee Success Profile questionnaire.

  10. We process information. You process information.

  11. We offer or reject, you accept or decline, a Franchise.

  12. Both of us sign a Franchise Agreement and you remit the franchise fee.

Craving more info?


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