A Statement on Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

This moment is historic. In order to be conscious of the collective pain being experienced today, we acknowledge the centuries-long suffering caused by systemic oppression.

We stand with 30% of our Team Members who are part of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community and feel deep gratitude for their contributions to our restaurants. We will work to help create a future that is equitable and safe for them.

Because our guiding purpose is To nourish humanity and the world, this work includes providing opportunities for professional development and supporting BIPOC-centered organizations that focus on food security and community farming.

Our core values at Café Yumm! align with the vision of a world built upon compassion and liberty for the Black community, and we will continue to learn and take actions that foster positive change for the wellbeing of our Team Members, guests, and the neighborhoods we serve.