Nancy’s Organic Yogurt is YUMM!


Have you tried Nancy’s Organic Nonfat Yogurt on your favorite Yumm! Bowl®?

We’ll happily substitute yogurt for sour cream at no charge.

Here’s why we love it:

• This wonderful yogurt is fat-free and made with certified organic milk.

• Probiotics for the win! Over the years, Nancy’s has selected 12 probiotic strains that may help support immune and digestive health. This fully cultured, creamy delight delivers billions of live probiotics alongside calcium, magnesium, and protein for a nutritional powerhouse without thickeners, pectin, or cane sugar.

• It tastes amazing on a Yumm! Bowl.

Since 1997, a top priority for Café Yumm! has been to source sustainably produced and organic ingredients within our region. The Springfield Creamery has been making Nancy’s Yogurt in Oregon since 1960 and has become a beloved local producer. Using her grandmother’s traditional recipes, Nancy Van Brasch Hamren made the first yogurt sold in the United States to contain live probiotics. Now with the help of nearly 60 dedicated employees, the Springfield Creamery makes 100+ cultured products.

The Springfield Creamery’s dedication to sustainability aligns with our triple bottom line philosophy to balance the environmental, social, and economic considerations of operating our restaurants. They installed a 63.5 kW solar electric system for their Eugene facility, and they donate tens of thousands of pounds of fresh Nancy’s Yogurt to our local food bank annually.

On our journey to nourish humanity and the world, Café Yumm! is honored to work with Northwest companies like Nancy’s Yogurt who make the wellness of people and planet their business.

Give it a try the next time you’re craving Yumm!.