My Cafe Yumm! Story: Idaho Franchisee

My Cafe Yumm! Story: Idaho Franchisee


Café Yumm! fans in every state ask us to bring our restaurants to communities across the country. We are happy to announce that Café Yumm! will soon open in Idaho thanks to franchisee Rebecca Blewett’s passion for Yumm! Bowls® and enthusiasm for healthy living. To learn more about her journey, we asked a few questions to illuminate the process of becoming an owner of a Café Yumm! franchise.

What inspired you to open your own Café Yumm! restaurant?

I was born and raised in Oregon and fell in love with Café Yumm! many years before I moved to Idaho. Between online school, being a single mom at the time, and working long hours, I had little energy left for cooking healthy meals. Finding a quick, nourishing, and delicious alternative to my overcooked mac and cheese was a huge priority.

Cafe Yumm! became my go-to. I had never tasted anything like a Yumm! Bowl with that incredible Yumm! Sauce® – and my kids begged for it too. Healthy food that tasted amazing was a win-win for us. Plus, the dining rooms were always warm and welcoming with inviting colors, live plants, and earthy décor, which allowed my family to just relax and enjoy our meals together. That was a special treat.

Soon after graduation, I was promoted at work and moved to Boise with my kids and husband. I absolutely loved living in Idaho, but unfortunately, there was no Cafe Yumm!. I brought Yumm! Sauce back to Boise with me after trips to Oregon, and before I knew it, all my friends were hooked. I realized that opening my own restaurant would give me an opportunity to share the health and wellness that I experienced through Café Yumm! with my community in Idaho.

My Cafe Yumm! Story: Idaho Franchisee


Why did you choose Eagle as the location for your first Café Yumm! restaurant?

Eagle is such a beautiful town with lots of neighborhoods close to Boise. The location is really convenient for busy people coming in and out of the city who want a nutritious lunch or dinner option. The Bridges at Lakemoor community and shopping center is dynamic with bike paths, walkways, and gorgeous parks. We are thrilled to work with the developers who have created unique shopping centers all over the US. Our neighbors will be a yoga studio and fitness club, which are great, complementary businesses.

What are some of the building features that make your restaurant unique?

Our first Café Yumm! unit to open in the Boise area will be built using sustainable materials and will feature a drive-thru, a fire pit with outdoor seating, and floor-to-ceiling windows facing a scenic pond and waterfalls. I love that Lakemoor’s water features make our location feel like an oasis.

Can you tell us about your experience of becoming a franchisee?

I have nothing but wonderful things to say! This is the first time I’ve opened my own business, and both Mark Beauchamp, the president and co-founder of Cafe Yumm!, and Rico Lea, the director of franchise sales, provide support whenever I need it. No question has gone unanswered. It’s been a fantastic, confidence-building experience.

My Cafe Yumm! Story: Idaho Franchisee


What do you enjoy most about becoming a Café Yumm! franchisee?

I love the concept! From a business perspective, it’s my dream to give Boise fresh food that’s also served fast. Our city is underserved with a lack of options for a variety of diets, like vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free or meat-eaters seeking healthier choices.

I also love meeting new people and being an ambassador for health and wellness. I’m passionate about making local, organic, sustainable, high-quality meals convenient and accessible. It fills me with happiness. Plus, I really love seeing someone’s wide-eyed expression of blissful curiosity when they try Yumm! Sauce for the first time.

What’s your favorite menu item at Café Yumm!?

Definitely the Hot ‘n’ Jazzy®! Not only does it have the jasmine rice, red beans, sauce, and veggies, but it’s also topped with this incredible Jalapeño Sesame Salsa. I could eat it with a spoon! It’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. It’s mind-blowing!

What’s the timeline for opening your location?

Our goal is to be open and serving Yumm! Bowls by the end of 2018. I couldn’t be more delighted!

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My Cafe Yumm! Story: Idaho Franchisee