Custom, Delicious and Nourishing: About the Café Yumm! Nutrition Calculator

by Kelli on March 21, 2011

At Café Yumm! we can customize your Yumm! Bowl to fit your life, your body and the way that you eat. Our new nutrition calculator reflects that. To start, you’ll find all the options for our bowls, the most popular items on our menu.

  • Choose your size: small, medium or large.
  • Choose your ingredients: an Original Yumm! Bowl comes with 10 different ingredients. You can substitute, replace, add to, and modify to your taste & nutrition needs. Vegan? Substitute the shredded cabbage and carrots for the dairy (cheese and sour cream). For a different flavor, try Toasted Black Sesame or Sweet Ginger Miso in place of Yumm! Sauce. You can also add nori or substitute one of our soups for beans (we call this a Souper Yumm!™). The choices are limitless.
  • Choose your experience: dine in our restaurants, take your Yumm! Bowl home or have an event catered with a Yumm! Casserole.

At Café Yumm!, we believe that eating whole foods provides not only the most nutritional value, but also nourishes the soul. Food is life, and life is beautifully complex.

Enjoy discovering all the options with our nutrition calculator. As always, we would love to hear your feedback.

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Teri 05.04.11 at 2:36 pm

Wow I can’t wait to get one of your customized meals. I am looking for great healthy alternative to help stay fit. I can absolutely say that this sounds like a healthy and very yummy option for my busy diabetic lifestyle. I am so delighted that I found your blog. I will be learning a lot from your posts.

Sandra Salcido 05.04.11 at 8:46 pm

I recently visited Eugene, Oregon for the first time. I walked into your establishment and was quickly delighted. When I tasted your Yumm Bowl I was speechless. It was absolutely wonderful. I only wish that we could have a Cafe Yumm out here in El Paso, Texas. I plan to return to Eugene and possibly move to Oregon permanently and I know I will make Cafe Yumm one of my regular places to visit. Your food is delicious.

Mike Throop 05.29.11 at 11:35 am

Hi there!
We were in Western Oregon last week on a business/pleasure trip and visited Cafe Yumm! at one of its Eugene locations, near I-5.
A young staffer at the Holiday Inn, learning we’re vegetarian/vegans, recommended a visit there, and we weren’t disappointed. It was great.
We live in the Kansas City area, and I do hope you line up a franchisee around here. We’re not all barbecue, after all.
Thanks again.

Greg H. 08.23.11 at 5:41 pm

Many people see the restaurant on 3rd and Morrison in downtown Portland with the initial reaction of, “Oh, what is this?” Curiosity inevitably gets the best of them and they step inside and meander up to the front menu.

This is where I come in. I notice the poor “deer in the headlights” expression and immediately spring in to action. You see, as an employee (and recently converted bowlatarian), it’s not just my job, but a pleasure to introduce people to our slice of the booming health food industry. One might see this as shameless self promotion, but I’m living proof that when you believe in something, it changes you.

Almost a year ago I began the long and arduous road to rediscovering my own well being. For years I’d let malaise damage my spirits and physical well being until many were sure I’d eat myself in to a early grave. Last November I decided I had enough and decided to be the change. Between December and May I lost nearly eighty pounds and then hit a plateau.

This plateau came just as I was offered a position with Cafe Yumm! at their new downtown Portland location. I was thrilled! For years I’d worked in the fast food industry and watched as it single-handedly shoveled products that only the most powerful and arrogant food companies in the world would dare call food into the eager mouths of people who just didn’t have an alternative. Cafe Yumm! presented the perfect opportunity to offer an alternative to the masses and to myself.

Since we opened our doors in May I’ve lost nearly 30 more pounds and four more inches around my waist alone. Cafe Yumm! has given me invaluable life lessons about organic and vegetarian options I had never considered before. The company produces a culture that encourages finer living and it isn’t forced. This desire to live harmoniously with the environment and to simply be healthier comes naturally to the good folks in this company.

While one can never say what my future holds within this company, I can promise that I will always hold on to the brighter future it has opened to me. So, don’t be afraid. Go through their doors, up to the counter and know you’re about to enjoy something special from someone who really wants to share it with you.

Mona Pruitt 05.08.12 at 4:04 pm

I love to eat at Cafe Yumm here in Bend. I am now on Weight Watchers and need to know the total fat, carbs, fiber and protein in what I eat. You probably know WW is on a point system and we have a pocket calculator to figure our points with these food values. One of the girls at the restaurant there told us we could get it on line but I cannot locate it.

Thank you for your help.


Rochelle 10.13.12 at 3:00 pm

I’m glad the yumm bowl information is available online, but how about the rest of the menu? Cafe Yumm! is so much more than just Yumm bowls.

Avery 03.26.13 at 4:06 pm

I’m trying to track my calories. I love Yumm bowls and the nutritional info you’ve provided, but what about the tofu that can be added on to a bowl? I don’t see that there- I won’t be able to eat Yumm on my diet if I can’t accurately count its calories!

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